Abode Yoga Teacher Training -8 - 10 students only


Ibiza immersion 2019

Soaking up the sun and sharing asanas to balance your chakras.

I am so blessed that you are taking the time to stop by and check out our UK and Ibiza based yoga teacher training in the Abode Yoga system, please read on and if anything here speaks to you then get in touch with me so that we can take it to the next level.

This training will be a combination of Yorkshire based study weekends over a four-month period and finish with an intensive, immersive experience in a luxury location.

The dates for 2020 are:

January 31, Feb 1 and 2

February 28, 29 March 1

April 3, 4, 5

May 2, 3, 4
All the above dates are in North Yorkshire, Saltburn.

Week away 13th June 2020 (Ibiza, your flight should arrive Saturday morning and depart Saturday morning as check out is 9:30am)

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70 hours of the course will be spent  in a luxury location, where we will spend an immersive 7 days, here you will be looked after so that all you need to think about is getting there and the yoga 😉(all accommodation, vegetarian food, airport transfers are included).

Each experience has been designed to help  engage and understand the real life of yoga and how it can ignite our sacred way to living on and off the mat. Abode Yoga means "place of Residence & union" and is a yoga practice that harmonises Eastern and Western Medicine, Practice & Philosophy using our SELFs' unique moving psychology through every movement and asana. 

UK only based offering begins in Sept 2020 over 4 weekends and a week away in January in the Peak District.

Daily offering Schedule – 

This is always relevant to the given seasonal influence, honouring the Ayurveda health system and Traditional Chinese Medicine for a healing way of living throughout your Yoga journey. Below is a general guideline and each course presents a unique style of daily offering to reflect the needs of the level of course practice.

6:30am - Ceremonial Tea & Connective Communications

7:00am – Devotion (practice/teachings) & Abode Yoga Asana Practice

9:00am – Mysore (guidance/questions & self Practice)

9:30am -  Breakfast provided (fruit/muesli in the UK and Ibiza) 

10:00am – Mindfulness/Journaling

10:45am – Pranayama/ Breath & Body Work (practice/teachings)

11:45am – Workshop/Lecture (Theory/Learning)

1:00pm – Lunch (provided in Ibiza but not in the England sessions)

2:30pm – Conscious Healing (Practice/Teachings)

3:30pm – 5:30pm Workshop/Lecture (Theory/Learning)

5:30pm – Tea Break

6pm – 7pm – Meditation/Kriya/Dance (Practice/Teachings)

Please note that this format is a guide to our days in England and Ibiza but they may be subject to slight changes. 

Our standard is that Abode Yoga Teaching graduates will have a conscious human life and living awareness with a strong understanding and level of confidence in the learning’s and art of mindfulness. This way we are ensuring that our teachers and practitioners can be successful in creating mindful classes and practices of Abode Yoga for their clients and or students. Through Abode Yoga Teacher Trainings you are not simply learning to teach a class, but rather a practice and form of yoga to allow for a unified way of life for individuals inwardly and outwardly. To ensure that we are not continuing the pattern of separation of life but the integration of Yoga and Wellbeing as a way of life. This we refer to as a Life InStyle (a sacred way of being).

Throughout our trainings and continual network of accredited teachers and practitioners we are always committed to the healthy relationship of care, service, confidentiality and levels of ability through maintaining relevant credentials and monitoring of all content, teachings and standards for all of our practicing professionals. To always ensure those receiving the experience of Abode Yoga and From in the wider community are safe and benefiting in a holistic, loving manner that is humane. [Randall Simpson]

Extra Curricular Included Activities: 
 Mindful Lifestyle Living Practices & Mentoring  
Surf Coaching Lessons                             
Reiki Healing & Meditation        
*Sup Yoga   (can be added upon request)   

This is a learning experience of self awareness, yoga practice and the starting point to sharing this practice with others. Therefore, this experience welcomes all individuals starting out their own practice and those with a solid practice looking to deepen and progress their ability to teach.                             

The small print:

To attain the 250 hours there will be pre-and post course study which consists of 25 hours before and after, in addition you will need to commit to all the above dates and times.

Ongoing mentoring will be offered to you, during the course and 6 months’ post completion and certification. 

Cost £3500, payment plans are available so please ask for more information on this. (price includes your stay in Ibiza fully comprehensive or all accommodation, food and transfers in Ibiza, does not include flights to and from Ibiza) to book your place get in touch with Victoria and secure your space with a 20% non-refundable deposit. 

Full payment will be due 60 days prior to the start date. (for Treelivingyoga’s refund policy click the link)

To apply for this course you w have been practicing yoga for 2 years prior to the course and/or can provide a teacher contact to confirm this. 

You will also need to complete Tree Living Yoga’s Code of Conduct, a copy of which can be found in terms & policies as well as full details on Yoga Alliance Professionals websi