Victoria has been teaching for over 10 years and practising for as long as she can remember. Her passion for living yoga is born from encouraging the positive energy to grow from within creating movement, inviting mediation and enjoying the flow of life, which is the essence of her teaching. Inviting everyone to have their own experience throughout the practice, whilst trying to stay connected. Victoria  has trained in Hatha, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, the style she offers is born from the Abode yoga training and is from the heart. Brining all of these systems together allows them to grow and fuse in a unique and organic practice that takes you on a journey of self discovery. Flowing through dynamic and slower paced sequences. 


Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way of life.

Victoria found yoga at age 6, with an 80’s BBC TV show, enjoying all the cool things her young body could easily do and the super cool lion breath.  In her early 20’s she still hadn’t been to an actual class until her dentist had told her Yoga might help her stop grinding her teeth. Although she enjoyed it, it was a bit too slow for her at that time and she didn’t connect with the teacher. It wasn’t until she was in Southampton where she found 2 amazing teachers, both very different Karl was Hatha with lots of mediation and Jo Ashtanga and very dynamic, from Cumbria and super fun throughout the whole class. 

She was drawn to yoga for how it made her feel physically and because of anxiety, stress, low self-esteem, a bad back, the list could go on and on. 

She just fell in love with the journey that these classes would take her on, the euphoria and total exhaustion and devastation ashtanga would leave her with. Seeking out philosophy books and deeper knowledge she came across another pivotal teacher at the Sanctuary in Southampton. Steven runs ‘living yoga’ classes, which is partly where the idea for ‘Tree Living’ came from. He guides students to find their own movements in class to music, afterwards he held satsang sessions and everyone would drink tea and exchange things about their week. 

Travelling to India, Vietnam and Bali she continued her yoga journey building on what she had learnt. Until suffering from mild depression and low self-worth she booked her first teacher training, which was one of the hardest decisions and the training was a struggle for her. One of the best things that came from the training was that she met Randall Simpson, she had no idea that later it would be Randy’s training that would change her life. About 6 years later Victoria returned to Bali to do Randy’s advanced Teacher Training and then was invited to teach on the next Training course. Yoga continues to be an anchor and life saver, helping her with anxieties and stress with yoga her life is calmer and as stress free as it can be, although this is something she continues to work with. 


Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

Yoga that helps you nurture the raw you, reclaim your radiance, listen and encourage the authentic voice from within and be wonderful, the pure you that resides within. Living yoga encourages the organic growth or the raw you. 


Connecting through cohabitation and shared experience.

The journey of a yoga teacher through life and the connection to the earth is a truly Radiant Authentic and Wonderful experience