Yoga Etiquette


Yoga is supposed to still the mind so that you can focus your attention inward and achieve that liberating "zen" feeling you crave.

But how are you supposed to do that when some shirtless dude is grunting and flicking drops of sweat in your direction? Ok so this weekend that didn’t happen to me but in the past I have totally been there, I’d like to share with you a few things that drive us crazy during yoga and, totally ruin our ability to achieve enlightenment.

I have just been to the Yorkshire Dales Yoga show, which is something they have put on for the first time. Before I went I had been thinking about sharing a pet peeves and etiquette blog, it’s funny what some people do and don’t do in a yoga class, with this on my mind I faced with a massive slap in the face lesson in yogi etiquette.

I found myself in a foray of humans all fighting for a space, most of them wearing shoes and treading on other people’s mats, (their mats, the sacred space that you call home for an hour, where you feel safe and comfortable). People came in late or chatted and giggled to their mates throughout the session, they elbowed in to people to get a space, ate food on their mat… these actions reminded me of how lovely it would be if everyone was to respect each other and respect one another’s space. Although I appreciate that we do not always have the luxury of space we do always have the luxury of respect.

I feel that there are maybe 12 basic things to try and observe is you can, but maybe you have some pet peeves you’d like to share with me.

If you were in a yoga studio as opposed to a gym or leisure centre it would be polite to..

1.     Remove your shoes and leave them at the entrance to the studio.

2.     Respect your neighbours mat space, try to leave a reasonable space between and even if you are mat to mat, ask if they mind you stepping on their mat to walk across, for some their yoga mat is a particularly sacred place.

3.     Turn off your mobile, you don’t need it as an ornament on the end of your mat !

4.     Arrive 5-10 minutes early, take this time to chill and get centred as opposed to chatting LOUDLY before class.

5.     Be aware of the space you take, try to stagger where possible so that everyone has a clear view.

6.     Don’t stink out the room.

7.     Don’t chat to the person next to you throughout the class.

8.     Respect the teachers sequencing (don’t go rogue and do your own thang). It's one thing to take a child's pose every so often. But flipping into revolved side angle when everyone's else is trying to balance in tree pose just isn't cool.

9.     Don’t try to show off and impress anyone, leave your ego at the door, practicing complicated or competitive things before class isn’t big and it isn’t clever..

10.   Put your equipment away after the class and clean your mat.

11.   Wearing too-short shorts (we're looking at you, dudes).

12.   Don’t skip relaxation. (every time someone skips savasana a unicorn dies L) You had 55 minutes of perfect zen ... then that girl had to go ruin it with her creaky dash out the door.

I’m sure you guys have things that grate on you that your yoga teacher does, like when they leave you in a pose for ages while they try to help or adjust someone, or maybe you think they are just have a good old chat.. whatever it is share it with me. 



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