I was recently reading a yogi friends blog that I follow and absolutely love how transported I feel when I read this one so I thought I would share it with you.  SHINEANDHUM

This week when the weather is keeping a lot of us inside this wonderful blog provides inspiration for travel, movement and to enjoy just being wherever you are.  Today with all of the snow bringing our little country to a virtual stop it is a wonderful opportunity to chillax and slow down and simply being. Saltburn feels as if we have gone back in time and the roads are deserted shops are empty and hardly anyone is in the cafes or restaurants. I feel very honoured to to have had a good turn out for Yin this morning so thank you so much to all those that made it.  I love having a slower day, walking everywhere, wearing full snowboarding clothes and playing with in the snow ;) I hope you can make the most of today fully embracing the opportunity to pause and ponder. 


Inspired to simply be

Victoria Stovell