Can't Meditate? Do This Instead.

Meditation and relaxation doesn't come easily to some, like Northen girl, Emily Rose Dallara.

Find out how she used a soundbath, healing foods and yoga to kickstart her tired body after a month of Asian travel.


If you had asked me what a ‘soundbath’ was a year and a half ago, I would have had visions of a hipster underwater rave, flowing with electronic house music.

That’s until yoga and meditation took over my party world and I adopted a calmer, healthier and more present lifestyle.

My first soundbath experience was unexpected, during a stay at a UK yoga retreat. As the gong rolled over my body, ( toasty and warm under blankets and underfloor heating), it was as if the sound waves were melting any stresses, worries, and anxieties I was feeling.

Life before yoga and mediation

I’d moved back to the UK last year from Spain after a crazily successful business year but consequentially draining one at the same time. Actually, I dress ithe situation down, I was half of my former self. Anxious, with chronic IBS and stressed from the moment I woke up to the second before I slept. This combination was so harmful to my mind and body, something had to change. I’d let my yoga slide and my health had dipped.

So, when I started attending Ashtanga Yoga classes, back in the North of England, my life slowly started to look up.


Half shoe lace Yin style ;)

Yoga as a daily practice, alongside the energies of positive, strong, and incredibly supportive human beings (as well as an amazing external friend group of yogis & non-yogis) has turned my life around completely. After my gong bath experience, everytime anyone mentions a gong, I’m like OMG have you tried a soundbath?!! Ha!


When Victoria, my awesome yoga teacher at Tree Living Yoga and Kerry, advertised their soundbath experience in March 2018, I thought I had totally missed out. But, after a long-haul flight back from Asia, one space had freed up - I made sure I grabbed that baby!

That Sunday morning, I was surrounded by a group of fellow yogi’s, whose warm energy was enough to forget about the snow outside. We munched on homemade, healthy date flapjacks and a cups of herbal tea.  he whole vibe of the group was soothing, any anxieties about being back, soon dissipated. Led by Kerry and Victoria, we warmed up with a a gentle Dru and Vinyasa flow. Whilst the soundbath crew set up, we snuggled up under blankets with our cuppas (and more flapjack), we chatted about how we all needed this right now.

Soundbaths aren’t underwater raves


Firstly, lets just take a moment to appreciate the impressive, physical make up of a soundbath ( see pic above). Think; pearlescent super-sized gongs, sound-bowls, rain shakers and tribally-looking drums.

A soundbath experience, consists of fully stretched out (possibly snoring), relaxed people, laying comfortably on their yoga mats, tucked up warm with cushions, blankets and lavender eye masks. The soundbath itself, was an hour of meditative, electronic music- conducted by Dean Kitching.  Personally, I took a while to switch off , too many thoughts of Asia & sun floating around, but when I did, the experience became euphoric. If you have the ability to enter a meditative state-you’ll know what I mean.

Our soundbath lasted an hour and finished with my mind and body still floating in one of the noisy but calming rainforests, I’d just physically, returned back from. With the last rain shaker, my consciousness drifted slowly back to the room.


After the sound bath, Dani Delights provided a menu of soups, flaxseed crackers and  chocolate pots. Heartwarming food to lift the soul.

The whole experience kick-started my tired body after so much travel, right back into my strongest, most energetic self.

If you need an uplift, a relax, a switching off or just time out, then please take time to try a soundbath at least once in your life.

The soundbath I attended was organised by Victoria at Tree Living Yoga. She also curates magical Yoga retreats in the UK and abroad, check them out. Visit her Facebook Page for regular updates, events, workshops and inspirational posts.

By Emily Rose Dallara (Copywriter & Marketing Consultant)