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New moon cleanse

The first time I thought about a fast day it was for a challenge and to help re-set my stomach which I often use to have problems with, now thankfully that seems to be behind me ;) Doing this for a day was a challenge but oddly an enjoyable one, and it was generally a more productive day.

Then I came across that Jason Vale juicing for 3 days or 2 days a week, I managed to do the 3 days a couple of times (using a nutria-bullet and a sieve) I just thought of it as a system reset and a good way to start a new way of eating.

An amazing inspirational woman I know @Randall Simpson does a liquid fast every month of the 11th which is the same day as her birthday, she noticed that she uses food to ground her and nibbles all day so this is a great test for her. I have since taken a leaf out of her book and in support done this on the 11th of the month.  

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