Attended a workshop in Marske a couple of months ago hosted by Victoria and thoroughly enjoyed her class!
I now attend her Monday night classes in Yarm and really like her style of teaching. It’s very bright and breezy,humourous and fun!
Thank you so much Victoria, a great way to finish off a Monday!:-)
— A. Paul, Acklam

Helped me so much with my pop up’s #Yoga #Surfing #PopUps #Happy 
Just need to learn to Surf now and life will be complete ;)
— J. McGough, Saltburn

Always wanted to try Yoga for years, Victoria is simply amazing! She puts yours fears and doubts to rest and gently coaxes you into positions you never thought you could get into! I’m hooked !!
— S. Hartley, Skelton

I’ve been attending Victoria’s yoga classes for some time now and I’m hooked. I enjoy the combination of core strengthening exercises, muscle lengthening and flexibility, not to mention the relaxation and breathing that finishes it off nicely, keeping me feeling totally energised afterwards. I’ve been to many classes and it’s not just about the yoga, it’s about the teacher and her/his mannerisms and/or spirituality. Victoria is a great teacher and is a lovely person also which makes me choose her over the others. :-)
— L.Morley Guisbrough

Been attending classes for the last 6 weeks at Redcar and totally love it. Done small amounts of yoga in the past but have never got properly into it. Victoria is the best and her classes are very easy to follow and I look forward to it every week. Thank you Lisa
— Lisa, Redcar

I started yoga in January on the recomendation of a respiratory consultant after being diagnosed with a rare lung condition which means i have reduced lung function. After 6 months of yoga with victoria my latest lung function results show an increased lung capacity and my oxygen conversion has increased by 7%. I’m not saying it’s a cure but my consultant said it’s helping me to use my lungs in a much more effective way as well as improving my immune system to reduce the chance of infection. Not to mention overall well-being. I’ve got tons more stamina and am totally hooked! Amazing teacher x
— V. Luna, Saltburn